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  The image which you must not upload

'You please check images well before contributing an image.

The image which state and sexual organs / anus of the sexual intercourse are reflected in is no use.

It is violation even if I hide it by mosaic processing.

I am no use even if I show the sexual organs (a penis, the testicles), part of back passage.

It is not good to see a penis from the underwear which was transparent with water.

Please completely paint over penis and anus with the same color. Or please cut it from an image.

These become the violation image, too.

・ Indecent image 18 years or younger
・ Image of the illegal act (including a drug, firearms)
・ Image of the violence
・ The image which criticizes others
・ The image which I pretended to be in another person
・ The image which leads to the image which I have nothing to do with the service of $n, and is related to similar service, other personal business
・ Image in violation of a copyright
・ Image in violation of public order and morals

The vicious violation deletes the account. Approve it beforehand.

Please cooperate, everybody.

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