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G-Skyとは? 対応機種 FAQ ご利用上の注意 リンク


G-Sky is the popular site where a user is of more than 23,000 people in Japan ! (08/01/2011)

G-Sky will send you the URL when you enter your email address.

*For those who have set to receive only domain address (incoming domain specified), please configure the email settings for receiving the emails from"".
*The email address will be used only for this purpose.




G-Sky is a new type of community site for gay users by using location information on your mobile phone.

Let's register your location to SPOT nearby and let your friends know "I am here now!".
Let's share something interesting you found, delicious food information and the beautiful landscape with "Here Now!" when you are at school, cafe, train station or shopping store!
Also as there are features for posting pictures and Voice, you can use it as a sort of blog.

Let's tweet "What are you doing now?"
You can write everyday affairs on it as you like.
Reply to Voice posted by your "Favorites" as you read their Voice.
"Voice (tweet)" can be viewed by other users so it can involve other users to a conversations style.

Let's find your neighbors!
You can send a message to the person in your "Favorite" or neighbors you are interested in.
Enjoy the communication or sending information any way you like with your neighbors such as talking up a storm about local subjects or sending a message to someone to ask about a good restaurant while you travel.
Besides mobile phones, our service is compatible with smartphones such as iPhone or Android.!


*Screen of the service may be differed from the actual service.

*The content of this site is as of May 2011. The contents of the service may be subjected to change without notice.

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