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GPS feature

You can search users near your current locations.
You can also send a message to the person in your "Favorite" or neighbors you are interested in.
Enjoy the communication or sending information any way you like with your neighbors such as talking up a storm about local subjects or sending a message to someone to ask about a good restaurant while you travel.

Let's "Here Now!" with your friends.

You can share something interesting you found, delicious food information and the beautiful landscape with "Here Now!" when you are at school, cafe, train station or shopping store!

Communicate with Voice (tweet) function

Tweet "What are you doing?" within 120 characters just like chatting. You can write everyday affairs on it as you like.
As you read your friend's Voice, reply to them.

It has a sharing feature with Twitter.

Useful feature that your Voice can be posted on Twitter as well! Let's use the popular service with G-Sky!

Information about the location nearby

To use the location information service, you can get the information of the nearest station or the station nearby, news, restaurants nearby, maps, images of scenery, etc.

When you arrive at the destination, you can search for a restaurant nearby, reserve it and check the location on the map.

You can use this service not only as a communication tool but also for a variety of other purposes.

Privacy of location information

While you are accessing our site, your "direction" and " distance" are shown to the other users. The closest train station from where you are isn't shown.
When certain time passes after you access this site, your online status will be "offline" and if a user is nearby, it only states you both are within 1 km, not showing the direction of your location.
When you log out from the site, "direction" and "distance" statements turn off immediately.


G-Sky is a free communication service. However, we recommend that you get an unlimited data or a large data usage plan since it requires a vast amount of data communication.




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